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  • Filament PLA

    PLA - means polylactide (lactic acid) is a polymer belonging to the group of aliphatic polyesters. It is produced from natural raw materials such as corn meal, thanks to which it is fully biodegradable. It is much less used in industry due to its inferior physical properties. It is mainly used for biomedical purposes, including for the production of dental implants and surgical threads, disposable packaging and dishes are also produced. At the moment, the largest field for use is definitely in low-budget 3D printing.

  • Filament ABS

    ABS (or Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene) is a material obtained in the polymerization of butadiene and copolymerization of acrylonitrile with styrene together with simultaneous grafting of the resulting copolymer to polybutadiene. It is used in industry, in the production of electronic equipment enclosures, home appliances, car interior components, sports equipment, and furniture components. And LEGO bricks.

    In 3D printing, ABS is used in printers using FDM technology. By printing the model using ABS, the material is melted and extruded using a heated printer nozzle and then distributed layer by layer. The model is printed from bottom to top, creating successive layers that harden to create a ready object.

  • PET-G Filament do...
  • Filament TPU Ruber